AAC comes into environmental friendly time

Complete equipment of AAC produced by JIANGU TEEYER INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT CO., LTD ,  has more than 50% share in high-end market of China. While actively expanding the international market, foreign sales has increased about 30% in 1-10 months of this year. AAC mainly adopts sands, fly ash, silicic material such as tailings of silicon, calcium refractory, such as lime and concrete. Besides, it adds foaming agent such as aluminium powder. Then the Lightweight porous silicate products was made via batching,mixing,pouring,pre-curing,cutting,autoclaving and curing, which contains lots of small uniform air hole after gassing. As a new wall material, it can replace and has better functions than clay bricks, which shows advantages, such as light-weighed, anti-fire, sound-proofing, thermal inslulation, anti-leaking, and environmental friendly. 

In the mid-90s, the equipment of AAC completely depended on importing. TEEYER company developed the technology and produced the first air-tilting AAC cutting machine. After that, our company has been absorbing and learning from advanced technology from Germany, and developing toward the integration direction of construction industry. Being the first one in AAC panel production line, we have developed AAC panel series. In addition, we take the lead in the field by improving the quality of the products.

In the aspects of intelligent automation control, TEEYER also stays ahead in its industry. We have already adopted One-click start-stop to realize full automatic operation. Only 12-13 persons are needed in one production line, which can save half labor compared with other production lines in China.

As is known, the AAC machinery by TEEYER  can rival the German equipment in quality while 1/5 even 1/7 price of German equipment’s. Therefore, TEEYER Co. has been favored increasingly and got more attention in oversea markets. Nowadays, TEEYER has the ability to produce more than 30 AAC panel production lines per year. 1/3 of the machinery has been sold to abroad such as Russia, German, India, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.